Five Things That You Can Do for Summer – Checklist

So here’s my 5 Things that You Can do to Stay Ahead of the Game this Summer checklist:

Print this off & put it up on your fridge, and begin getting your supplies now, one thing at a time.

I would recommend taking on a project per week and putting the completed tasks into one central bin.

Also, you’ll notice that I have added handmade Christmas ornaments to the list.  This one’s a bonus as you may want to save ornament making for the holiday season.  However, if your holiday season is as busy as mine seems to feel, then you make want to get these done this summer and then put those also away into a box with the rest of the Christmas decorations.

I know that I will feel relieved to pull out everything that I will need for the tree and have all of my handmade ornaments already done!

I hope that this checklist helps manage your productivity over the summer: