Gone Peach Picking: Peach Enchildas

It is my birthday this week & the one thing that I really, really wanted to do was..well it was two parts: (1) go peach picking and (2) make homemade peach enchiladas.

If you’ve never even heard of peach enchiladas, there’s a place down in South Carolina off of Highway 252 called, Mac Pride’s or MacLeod’s Peaches.

They are known for their peaches and peach enchiladas and a host of other things, but I had to have my own homemade peaches and peach enchiladas for my birthday & and I did! *happy dance*

I had never made my own peach enchiladas, but on top of that, a friend had given me this recipe years and years ago (actually 10 years ago, in 2009 to be exact). And I never made them.

He knew that I liked to cook and bake and so he said, “You’ve got to try and make these.” What intrigued me about this recipe was the fact that it was made with soda. I knew then that you had to add either 7up or Mountain Dew to this recipe to make it complete and I liked that. I kind of liked the idea of having to add soda to it. I don’t know why.

Anyways, it’s been years. We actually went to Mac’s Pride last year and had to get their peach enchiladas. So this year, I was making my own!

Here is the recipe that I used to make my enchiladas:

Peach Enchiladas

2 (8 oz cans) of crescent rolls

1 cup of butter

1 1/2 cups of sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

4 blanched peaches, cooled and quartered

12 oz. of Mountain Dew Soda


Melt butter and then add cinnamon and sugar until blended and set aside.

Unroll crescent dough and place 1-2 peach quarters on each crescent.

Roll dough around the peach, the same way you roll the dough for the crescent shape.

Place in a 9 x 13 pan.

Pour the melted butter mixture over the rolls, then pour over with the Mountain Dew.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes, uncovered.

Bonus: Serve with homemade French vanilla ice cream or your favorite, good quality vanilla ice cream from the store.

Bon Appetit!

I absolutely LOVED making this recipe! And my kids loved going and picking their own peaches and making it too!

Green Peach Banana Smoothie – {Thank you, Trader Joes!}

Ah….the start back of getting into the swing of things and acknowledging that we are officially, “back-to-school”, and “not-on-break”, it’s time to wake up and no longer sleeping in. I wasn’t ready for it. And I know….I’m acting like we went from summer to actually being, “back-to-school”, but…I…I…was there for it. I was there for the lazy mornings, low activity, no-schedules, let’s-just-have-fun, of it all. Coming back from spring break has honestly got me feeling like we’ve been hit with the clocks springing forward on us…again. But I am grateful…..

I’m grateful that we had our time away & grateful that we were officially, “off-of-the-clock” and for the fact that we played until we could not play anymore.

If the fact that I am not a morning person had anything to do with the fact that, well, wrapping my mind around a full-cooked breakfast at minutes to 6am just wasn’t happening, I was fit-to-be-tied, for sure.

I have been successful at making my kids at least half of their breakfasts. I am a big proponent of “scrambled eggs, plus…” It’s the way that I start their day, but unfortunately, I’ve only been waking up in time to catch the part that comes after the plus, lol! Bagels, French toast sticks, toast, English muffins…you get my point.

Once I have my little ones out of the door and ready to go, it usually takes me a good two hours to realize, “Um, I think that you need to eat.” After the laundry is going, the beds are made (hopefully) and the dishes are done, I finally start to come around on my own.

When I saw this nectar at Trader Joes, I was on it!

“Um, peach nectar? Yes, please!” And, “What can we have that with?” “Um, anything!”

I came up with this quick and delicious recipe to throw this nectar into that I loved, and something that held me over until lunch time, thank you very much!

Easy, simple, healthy….Count me in! Put my name down, and save me a seat, ’cause I’ll be there!

Green Peach Banana Smoothie

1 cup of Trader Joes Dixie Peach Nectar

1 small banana

1 cup of fresh spinach leaves

3-4 cups of ice


Add the peach nectar, the banana and the spinach to your blender cup and add the ice last. (I always do this so that the ice does not end up at the top of the blender cup the furthest away from the blade-;-).

Pulse on medium to high until all of the items are smooth. Serve & enjoy immediately!

Just like that, I had a healthy breakfast that was going to get me through the morning. It wasn’t going to suffice as breakfast for my kids, but it will certainly work for me, until I get back into the swing of things.

Happy Blending!