Five Things That You Should Do Before Logging on to Social Media

So here we are in the New Year, and so many of us, myself included, have lofty goals.  Well, maybe not so lofty:

(1) Lose weight

(2) Wake up earlier

(3) Go to be on time

(4) Eat healthier

(5) Save more money

(6) Spend less money

(7) Spend less time on social media

And the list goes on…

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I find for myself, my usual day is more productive when I start off focused.  When I don’t log on to social media and when I do have a tangible “to-do” list.

I can honestly say, over this past year of 2017, I have become a lot more like the wife & mother that I want to be, rather than not.  And that took some diligence.  It took intentionality.  Most of all, it took cutting out what I was not, and honing that focus in, on a daily basis.   Consider the analogy of the mayonnaise jar, if you will, where you are actually intentional about what goes in first  and then next, and in what order and how much space there is left (prioritizing).

I put the big stones in first.  One thing that I want to always do, and want my kids to remember doing, when they’re adults, is ending the day on a soft note.  Leaving them with a good feeling about who they are & what they have accomplished in a day, and what they have to look forward to.

That is one of my large stones.

I am sure that you have large stones of your own.  One thing that is sure to get you sidetracked is to check-in with social media the second that you open your eyes.

There are many other significant things to aim the 24 hours that you have been given at.  Social media can be a time waster.  You’ll say that you’re just logging on to see what’s going on in the world, but may I ask, “What is going on with your goals?” And, “How far are you away from reaching those goals in comparison to last year?”

It’s the little things in life that, in the long run, are going to make the biggest difference.  In regards to your goals, it’s going to that little chiseling away at the colossal task that is in front of you.  All it takes is a little bit each day.

Enough with the lecturing.  Here are, The Five Things that You Should Do Before Logging on to Social Media Each Day.

(1) Record Gratitude.

It seems simple enough.  Right?  The first thing that you should do each day is not only to “be” grateful in your mind & heart (after all, we’d probably all say that we’re grateful to be able to lay in the bed and scan our phones, but before you do so) actually record your gratitude for the previous day, the current day, and any specific blessings.

Last year, I read in the book  The Secret  that one of the keys to receiving more of anything is to be grateful!  I have to tell you that for every area of my life that I practice the tools and techniques of gratitude outlined in the book, “The Secret” and in “The Magic“, I received abundance and favor and noticed a dramatic increase, in those particular doors opening.  (You gotta read it!  Not just for me but for yourself!)

(2) Pray for your children.

I love this next book that I came across.  It is by Stormie Omartian, who is also the author of, “Power of a Praying Wife”, “Power of a Praying Woman”, “Power of a Praying Grandparent” and many others:

I absolutely love, love, love this book because it literally outlines (in 31 chapters to be exact), how you can pray for your child, specifically.

I personally like to insert my children’s names when I do so.

Before you log on to social media for the day, or even for the first time, before you click any of your social media buttons, PRAY for your child(ren) and your spouse.  A little extra prayer can never hurt.

(3) Exercize

I swear with each day, that I am going to wait until I get the kids off to school and get my chores done, that I am finally going to pop in my head phones and get a little work out in.  It never happens.  Who am I kidding?  However, if I am up before everyone else, and sure enough awake before anyone else is even thinking about getting out of bed, then that is my time to get my little work out routine in.

Keep it simple, and start with stretches or a warm up before you begin.


(4) Write a blog post.

This one really touches home for me.  One of my blog-goals for 2017 was to begin writing down blog post ideas during the day as they came to me.  And the second step being, actually mapping out when those posts should appear or when I thought that they would be relevant.  Once again, a lot like the excersizing portion, if I fool myself into thinking that I am going to sit down and write out my post, in the midst of the throws of my day, many times, it is not going to happen.

One of the tools that I have found helpful has been to hash out my notes in either a note-taking app on my phone or with pen & paper in a notebook.  Sometimes the inspiration does come in the wee-hours of the morning & even long before I actually want to see the glare of the computer screen.  Right then and there, by completing that one step of getting my thoughts out onto paper, in the quiet of the not-yet day, when the time comes (again, using the prompting of wanting to check in on social media as your cue), I can sit down and hammer out a post, to check off of my to-do list!

Last but not least,
(5) Complete a project.

We moms always, always, always, have a batch of dishes that need to be done, or a load of laundry that needs to be folded, or better yet, a stash of laundry that needs to be purged and clothes from the last weather season swapped out.  Before you log in to social media for the day, to moment to get one thing (at the minimum) off of your to-do list.

“Been meaning to get clothes ready for an upcoming consignment sale?”  Get it done.

“Got an outfit that needs to be returned/exchanged at the store for the correct size?”  Pull it and get it sorted out (& done).

“Is your minivan or vehicle do a quick cleaning out, vacuuming, organizing, wiped-down or purging?”  Get it done.

“Do you have last season’s decorations still up at your house?”  Well, then swap those out too!

There is always, always, always, something meaningful & productive that needs to be done.  Before you log on to social media for the day, do one or all of these five things & rest assured that you’ll be glad that you did.