I started blogging back in 2010 at Bakie Me Sweet.

Bakie Me Sweet started out as a place to share all of my fun & sweet creations & grew into so much more as I became the Cooking Coach on the South Charlotte Playgroup’s blog site, New Mom Favorites.

My original inspiration came after leaving a friend’s house following a play date, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the spine of the original Cake Pops cookbook by Bakerella.

I had never even heard of cake pops.  Nor, had I heard of Bakerella!  It was after that day that I had to know exactly “who” Bakerella was & exactly what were “cake pops”?

In my discovery I found out that Bakerella was both the name of a blog and the moniker that belonged to Angie Dudley, the founder & author of Bakerella, the blog.

I started my blog on Blogger within minutes!  I didn’t really know what I was doing but I had to be a part of this baking & blogging, “thing”.  My first post was of, you guessed it, cake pops!  Mine didn’t look nearly as good (and still don’t) as Bakerella’s but I was on my way.

I had come to realize that I LOVE creating  and that I am always cooking  & love sharing new recipes and great flavors that I’ve found through trial and error in my kitchen.

Not too long after I started my cooking & baking blog on Bakie Me Sweet,  I started a new blog called, “Love Farm Cake”.  The purpose behind LFC was to address the numerous questions that I began to get about our farm & how to start a farm or garden.

We had started our own farm in the spring of 2010, ironically one month after I had began the baking blog.  Mom after mom would reach out to me after either a play date or through mutual friends & I need a way to address several moms that had expressed interest, at once.

The mission for Things She Makes is to share great recipes, craft ideas & fun views from my sewing table.  I hope that you find something here that inspires you.  So take a look around & if you’d like to chat, drop me a line at thingsshemakes@gmail.com.