Pumpkin Spice Everything – This Week at Trader Joes

It’s coming up pumpkins spice everything this week at Trader Joes.

First of all, I am a big Trader Joe’s fan. Second, I am an even bigger fan of fall (pumpkins, leaves changing, cooler weather, hayrides, pumpkin breads, pumpkin lattes, you name it. If it is made with pumpkin, then count me in!).

So, yes, I am loving the flavors of fall. The cooler temperatures haven’t quite hit in yet, but the food sure has & Trader Joes apparently has it all.

(*This is not a sponsored post – btw.)

So I am loving all things Trader Joes & they especially have my number when I walk through the door and am bombarded with pumpkin jam, and pumpkin quick bread mixes, waffle mixes, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin sauce, pumpkin pop-tarts, pumpkin everything! They put it all right out front and in your face, and there is no shame in their game & you know what? I like that! “Do you vibe, attract your tribe” or “Live your vibe, attract your tribe.” I don’t know what the exact phrase is. I just know that Trader Joe’s has their dial set on pumpkin (Pumpkin Kringle’s even – Okay wait, did you buy one or two? I bought one but am thinking that I should have been added to the Kringle freezer-stocking club by buying a handful more than what was needed but……eh, I don’t know).

So what is your favorite pumpkin-spice thing? First of all:

Are you a pumpkin fan?

Do you like Trader Joe’s?

Do you hibernate until all things pumpkin have passed?

If not, then please do tell me what you’re loving right now, that is made with pumpkin.

Sending fall vibes……

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