All Things Fall~ Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice Fall Themed Crafts

Pumpkin spice & everything nice…everywhere you look it’s all things fall and pumpkin-everything is leading the way.

I’m one that cannot wait until the 1st of September to break out all of my fall-themed goodness, from my wreaths, to my candles (which truth be known, may or may not linger long after fall has come & gone), to autumn leaf decor.  Pumpkin whatever it is, and I am here for it, honey!

This round-up is a list of fun fall pumpkin-themed crafts to get you into the pumpkin spirit, just in case you’re not already.  You can add a little pumpkin-flare in every corner of your home if you wanted.  Now let’s jump in!

1. A wooden pumpkin wreath w/ribbon

If you’ve been following me any length of time, you already know that, a girl loves a good wreath!  And a fall wreath is no exception, well accept the fact that this one is a wooden one, as in a cute, round fall-themed wooden one.

Thankful & Blessed Pumpkin Wreath on

I love how this wreath shares the flavor of fall & a love of pumpkins while not adding much weight to the decor.

You can order yours here or you can make your own with one of these:

One of my favorite things in to pick out pumpkins in the fall.  Whether it’s at the bin in front of Walmart or in the pumpkin patch, you can never have too many pumpkins!  What you can have, however is a bit of lower back strain when you’re trying to get all of your lovely pumpkin patch finds off of the porch in order to make room for your Christmas holiday decor.  If that be the case, this is one less pumpkin to have to hall away come the end of November.  😉

2. Leaf & Popcorn Fall Candles

(Besides pumpkins, and apples of course) Nothing says fall like harvest corn and of course autumn leaves.  This display melts both of those things together beautiful.  Not to mention that a bag of popcorn is fairly inexpensive & this is a display that will keep.  What I’m really loving about this set-up is that if those popcorn seeds do go everywhere, you’re not having to deal with a lot of little glass beads & that’s a plus.

3. The Winecork Pumpkin

Do you have any extra wine corks laying around?  Even if you don’t, your local craft store sells them in a box and you can get yours and make some of these super cute little pumpkins. A little hot glue & some craft paint & you’ve got something to admire.  Not to mention, these would make a lovely hostess gift to set next to you one of those potlucks that you’re likely going to.

4. Thanksgiving Pie Garland

Thanksgiving Pie Garland by Martha Stewart

This one is the most unique of all.  I love the idea of a seemingly edible paper craft, a fall paper craft, pumpkin-inspired that adds zero inches to the waist line & zero calories to my caloric intake.  This a good deal & cute too!  Full post here.

5. Terracotta Pumpkin Pots

DIY Terracotta Pumpkin Pots by Real Housemoms

This is not one to have multiple hands in the candy jar – I’d be worried that the lid would slip & “Kaboose!”  There’d go your cute little top..  If you’re not worried about too many in your candy you could leave this out in your high traffic area & let ‘er rip.  There isn’t very much to paint here with the exception of the little knob coming out of the top.  Full it with some candy and you’re good to go!

So what are you going to do for your fall decor?  Are you going to buy some, make your own or a little of both?



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